Dune Explorer V2.2.0 FINAL - The Video Wall Generator
News, Updates, Templates and Interfaces

NEWS - 30.05.2019
Dune Explorer Cover Icons for 4K-UHD Movies
New Menue for Dune HD Max 4K and Dune HD Pro 4K Plus
Dune 4K Black Steel Design (incl. the xerednet_skin and some new drive icons)

Dune Explorer is still Compatible with the new DUNE 4K Devices

Install the "dune_skin_xerednet.zip" to keep your old design
Some other Updates soon - to hide the Clock at your Movie Selection go to your "dune_folder.txt"
and change "background_order=before_all" to "background_order=before_icons"

Dune Explorer 2.2 is compatible with Windows 10
and tested with "Dune HD Max 4K and Dune HD Pro 4K Plus"
UPDATE (12.02.2014) :Dune Explorer Final (read changelog)
ADD (26.12.2013): XE Grunge Interface - User Edition V1
INFO: b6 Firmware (latest) Clock Bug - open the dune_folder.txt from the root and insert
UPDATE (23.12.2013) :Dune Explorer Merry Christmas Release V3 (read changelog)

UPDATE (23.12.2013) also as Template-Update Download (Content of V3):
XE Movie/Series Curved Template with Collection Design
Collection Templates with Scrollbar (use these templates for unlimited Subfolders)
ADD (14.12.2013) : New Simple Series Banner Synopsis.Template (XE-Series 5 - full editable)
UPDATE (14.12.2013) :Dune Explorer FINAL (read changelog)
always incl. TMDB API V3 & The TVDB

Current OS-Support:
W2k / NT / Windows XP 32bit-64bit / Windows Vista 32bit-64bit
Windows7 32bit-64bit / Windows 8.1 Pro 32bit-64bit (Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5)
UPDATE (04.12.2013) :Thinning/adjust Dune Explorer 2.2.0 to personal preferences
UPDATE (04.12.2013) :HELP Make your own Synopsis.Template (PDF)

All Synopsis.Template Updates are automatically content of new Dune Explorer 2.2.0 Releases
UPDATE (17.11.2013): Xearox Dark One - Interface Mod for 16:9 TVs
UPDATE (02.11.2013): NEW Audio3 Template - matched to the AUDIO1 Clean Interface
UPDATE (01.11.2013): Add simpler and cleaner backdrops for "XEAROX AUDIO1" Interface
NEWS (27.10.2013): Add "XEAROX AUDIO1" Interface
Dune Explorer V2.2.0 allows you to generate easily icons and synopsis for your entire Movie, Series or Audio CD Collection for HDI`s DUNE-HD Mediaplayer. Generated Templates work with all current DUNE-HD Models (tested with Dune HD-Duo / Dune HD-Base 3.0 / Dune HD-TV301 (Current Testplayer) also tested with Dune HD-TV101 / Dune HD-Max / Dune HD-Prime 3.0 / Firmware 121018_0846 and 130515_2104_b6). The generated files will be stored on Local or portable Drives in the Movie, Series or Audio CD/Music Folder. There are assignable to other Hard Drives and do not depend on any local or fixed Database.
For more Basic Information about previous Dune Explorer 2 Versions go to mpclub.com
Dune Explorer V2.2.0 is a further developed Version of Dune Explorer 2.0.6 by tehashix
It contains many source code and bug fixes, new features & new Templates.
Also a easier handling and a new designed "Dune.Explorer.Synopsis.Template.xml" system to generate automatically customized "dune_folder.txt" Files for Series or Audio CD Collections incl. selectable Episode or Tracklist.
In Future you can download "Dune Explorer 2.2.0" Updates, New Templates, Skins & Interface Designs for your DUNE-HD Player.
Scheduled Updates and news will be posted. You can also post your request at avforums.com.

"Dune Explorer 2.2 Developement"
design, graphics, interfaces, templates, synopsis files by M.Friedrich
source code, compiling, programming by J.Warkentin
Contact for Dune Explorer 2.2



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Marc Friedrich, Jürgen Warkentin, Oliver Wähner, Holger Meuler